Postr guide to email marketing

Below we have created a quick and effective guide for the dos and donts of an effective email marketing campaign which can lead to a highly successful open rates for your emails

We hope it helps !

Do’s of email marketing

  • Make sure you grow your list organically and over a period of time. Build your list organically and dont download a bunch of email lists. Its the wrong strategy and will not help in the long term
  • Make sure you put a catchy sub line. This is essential. Give your audience a reason to continue to read your newsletter
  • Try to use a catchy preview text to keep your audience engaged
  • Grammar and spelling. It's essential to get these right from the start. Your audience will drop off if they don't find this job is done well
  • Test and try. Keep track of your open rates and see when is the best time to send your emails to ensure the best open rates
  • Campaign reports are essential. Pay close attention to them
  • Send test emails before you send! Make sure you get the content right from the start!

Donts of email marketing

  • Spend your time collecting a bunch of emails and end up not using any of them
  • Have misspellings in your newsletters. This is essential for your audience
  • Take too long of a break between your newsletters. Send your emails frequently
  • Make sure you keep track of your analytics and see what is working and what is not
  • Keep the emails personalised to your audience you are sending them too
  • Continue to send a one fits all email to your audience
  • Make sure you create multiple lists tailored to your audience, not use a generic email list